What is Responsive Web Design?

Today, people look at the internet on all kinds of devices, from phones and tablets to desktop monitors and huge HD TVs. Each of these devices has a screen of a unique size and shape. It used to be that we only cared about the desktop experience, but a website built at that size is not always easy to use on a smaller screen.

Responsive Web Design is a way of building websites so that they respond differently to screens of different sizes. A responsive website automatically adjusts its layout to fit your screen instead of forcing you to scroll around or zoom in and out.

Look at the way my website rearranges itself depending on the screen that’s being used:

Responsive Web Design

Notice that the same elements are always present, they’re just arranged differently depending on the width of the screen. The best way to see this in action is to view my website on your computer, resize your browser window, and watch the site adjust.

More and more of us are using phones as our primary internet device. Who knows what we’ll be using tomorrow? Responsive Web Design is the way of the future. If your website isn’t responsive yet, contact me today.