The Apple Dock

The Dock is the shelf full of icons at the bottom of your screen. It contains shortcuts to your favorite Applications and Documents. The first section (before the divider line) is for shortcuts to the Finder (the smiley face) and Applications. The second section, between the divider line and trash can, is for shortcuts to documents, folders and websites.

To remove a shortcut, just click and drag it off of the dock. It will disappear with a poof. You can also click and drag to rearrange the order of icons. To add a new Application, find it on your computer and drag the icon to the dock. You can drag documents, folders or links to websites to the second section near the Trash can.

If you right click on the divider line, you can change the way your dock looks and behaves. You can hide it when you aren’t using it, magnify selected icons, and change its position on the screen.

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