Gmail templates

Do you find yourself typing certain types of email messages over and over? Gmail Labs has a feature that lets you quickly send out common messages using templates you create.

Go to Settings > Labs and search for Canned Responses. Enable the feature and click Save Changes.

Compose a new email message you want to use in the future, click on the More Options arrow next to the Trash button, and go to Canned Responses > New Canned Response. Type in a title for your message and click OK. (You can close the compose window and delete the draft message you just created.)

In the future, create a new email draft, click on Canned Responses and choose the template you created. Your template will be inserted into your draft and you can edit it or just send away!

If you’d like to edit your template, insert the Canned Response into a new email draft as described above, then select your template name under Canned Responses > Save. This will overwrite your previous template.