Create a digital photo collage

Need to share several photos on your social network at once? Create a fun digital collage! There are many services and apps out there to do this. Both Fotor  and PicMonkey are free and easy-to-use.

  • Go to and click on Make a Collage.
  • Click “Add Photos” on the right and upload your photos.
  • On the left, choose how many photos you’d like to use and which layout.
  • Play with the border spacing, background color, and more styling options.
  • Click Save (top of page), apply your adjustments, choose the JPG file format and Save to your computer.
  • Upload to your favorite social networking site!

Sharing screenshots easily

I’ve previously discussed a few services for sharing photos and files and how to take screenshotsCloudApp is a neat, free app I’ve discovered that not only makes it easy to share files, but even easier to share images of your screen.

Once you install it, make sure the “Autoupload Screenshots” option is checked in the menu. When you capture a new screenshot, Cloudapp will upload it automatically to their website, and the link to the image will be copied to your clipboard so you can paste it into an email or chat window.

Download it here