Track links in your email signature

linkDo you have links to your website, newsletter or social media in your email signature? Ever wonder how many people are clicking on those links? Here are two free services you can use to start tracking those clicks. Just create a special link using the services below, and then use that new link in your email signature.

  1. Google Analytics + Google URL Building: If you use Google Analytics already, you can create custom URLs that can be easily tracked. Just set up your custom link in Google’s URL builder tool. Then in Google Analytics, go to Traffic Sources > Campaigns and you’ll see any traffic for your custom links.
  2. If you don’t use Google Analytics, you can create a custom URL using the Bitly link shortening service. They will give you stats for all of the links you create and save in your account.

Social media management

Do you manage multiple social media accounts for your business and find it hard to keep up with them all? Hootsuite is a great service that lets you connect to multiple accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). You can post updates to multiple accounts at once, schedule updates for the future, automatically share blog posts across sites, and more. Plus you can use the service for free for up to five social profiles.

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Update 4/8/14: I recently discovered Buffer, which is easier to use and gives you many more social media accounts you can post to. Try it out!

Start an email newsletter

Interested in sending out your own email newsletter? If you want something basic and free, try TinyLetter. Just choose a username, sign people up, and you can easily send letters to your whole list at once.

If you’d like something with more bells and whistles (design templates, reporting, A/B split testing) try Mailchimp. It’s easy to use and free for up to 2,000 subscribers. Contact me if you need help with custom designed templates.

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