Building a website should be a collaborative process. You understand your business, and you know your audience; I listen to my clients and design websites specifically suited to their unique needs.  I’ve developed and refined my process over many years to ensure that every project runs smoothly.  Here are the steps we’ll take:

1. Initial Discussion:

We'll begin by talking about your goals, your budget, and your timeline.

2. Proposal:

If it looks like we'd be a good fit, I'll send you my website questionnaire. Filling it out will help you clarify exactly what you need. Based on your responses, I'll create a proposal that includes a list of project requirements, a cost estimate, and a contract for you to sign. Once you've signed the contract and paid your deposit, we can get to work.

3. Planning:

We'll make an outline (site map) to define and organize the pages on your site. I’ll use this outline to create visual sketches (wireframes) that illustrate how each page will be structured.

4. Content:

You'll write the site's content on your own, or with the help of a copywriter. (I can recommend experienced writers to join our team.)

5. Design:

Once you've delivered your content, I'll present a design concept and work with you to revise it as necessary.

6. Development:

Everything comes together! I'll build the site and test it. You'll review it, and we'll make final revisions.

7. Training:

I'll walk you through how to update your site and answer any questions you have. I’ll also give you a user guide for future reference.

8. Launch:

I'll launch your site and send the final invoice. Time to celebrate!