Google Goggles and Search by Image

Ever have a photo of something, but don’t know what it is and would like to find out? For example: a famous work of art, a landmark, a bit of text in another language, a mysterious animal… Google has two different ways you can search the web with your own images. One is with the “Search by Image” search engine (search using an image from your computer or the web), the other is with the Google Goggles app you can install on your phone (search by using a photo you’ve taken with your phone).

Check it out:
Search by Image
Google Goggles App

Saving electronic receipts

Instead of printing out every confirmation or receipt I get on the web, I like to save mine electronically. It’s eco-friendly, saves space, and makes organization easier.

Mac: In Safari/Firefox, go to File > Print (or hit CMD-P). When you get to the Print dialog box, instead of clicking Print, click on the PDF button in the lower left corner. Choose “Save as PDF” and choose which folder you’d like to save a PDF version of your receipt in.

In Chrome, go to File > Print (or hit CMD-P). Change the Destination to “Save as PDF” and then hit the Save button.

PC: If you are using the Chrome browser, click on the tool icon in the top-right corner. Choose Print. Change the destination to “Print to PDF” and click Print.

If you don’t use Chrome, you can install the CutePDF Writer which will allow you to print to PDF from any browser. Instructions here.

Cheap and free website builders

Do you need a website or blog but can’t afford to hire a professional to build it? There are many services that help you create a website yourself. Some charge a small fee, but some are completely free. Once you sign up it’s usually as simple as picking a theme and entering your content.

When you decide it’s time for a custom design, don’t hesitate to contact me!

General Websites:
One Pager
Weebly (FREE)
Webs (FREE)

WordPress (FREE)
Tumblr (FREE)
Blogger (FREE)

Creative Portfolios/Resumes:
Other People’s Pixels
Krop (FREE)
Carbonmade (FREE)
Behance (FREE)


Sharing YouTube videos

Did you know that you can share a YouTube link that will take people directly to a specific point in a video? Go to the video and place the marker at the point you’d like the video to start. Click on the Share button beneath the video. Under the link, click on Options. Check the “Start at” option. Now copy and paste the generated URL and your friend will be taken right to the exact spot you chose.

Sneaky Facebook apps

If you give a website or Facebook app access to your Facebook account, the site or app may start posting updates to your feed automatically for you. For example, will post the images you’ve pinned and the Washington Post Social Reader will share what articles you have read.

When you grant Facebook access to a website or app, make sure to read what the site/app will be able to access and what they will share before you give your permission.

To change your app settings or remove access for an app: login to Facebook, click on the arrow in the top right corner (next to Home) and choose Account Settings. Then click on the Apps link in the left column. Click Edit next to the app if you want to change it’s access settings, or click the X if you want to remove access entirely.

More info about how Facebook Apps work