Kindle library books

The Amazon Kindle is a fantastic device for reading books. But did you know you can get free library books to read on it? Check with your local library to see if they offer this (usually there will be a link on their website). For example, the Chicago Public Library offers many titles for the Kindle.

The best part about reading library books on your Kindle is that you can keep them for as long as you want by using this secret tip: Your Kindle will remove your books after the loan expires—but only if it can connect to the internet. If you turn off the wireless internet, the Kindle won’t know to delete your books. If you need to transfer more books in the future, just transfer them via your USB cable instead of via wireless.

Keep track of your reading

Good ReadsIf you read a lot of books, it’s nice to keep track so you know what you’ve read and what you might like to read in the future. GoodReads is a great (free) website that lets you save book lists, write reviews, and share recommendations with friends. They also have a mobile app for updating your book list on the go.

Read articles on your Kindle

Take a break from that computer screen and read an article on your Kindle! With the free service Readability, you can easily send articles to your Kindle to read later. There are other services that do this as well (Instapaper) but I’ve found Readability works the best.

Create your Readability account. Then go to “My Account” and then “Kindle Settings”. Follow the instructions to link your Amazon account. Then go to the “Apps & Add-Ons” page and install the Readability browser add-on. With a click of a button you’ll be able to send articles from your web browser to your Kindle.