Turn off sounds in AIM

If you’re using AOL Instant Messenger (or a similar IM program) in an office setting, be respectful of your co-workers and disable the notification sounds. Those noises can be really distracting!

Here are instructions for the latest version of AIM:

AIM on PC (v7.5): Click on Options in the upper-right corner of the AIM window, choose Settings. Click on Sounds and make sure all buttons are marked “Do not play any sound”.

AIM on Mac (v2.2): Click the AIM File menu in the top-left corner of your screen, and then click Preferences. Click on Sounds and then choose “no sound” from each dropdown menu. Close the window.

For help with previous versions, check here.

Authorizing iTunes accounts

When you buy music or other media through iTunes, only devices authorized by your iTunes account can use them. You can authorize up to five computers to use the files you purchase. This is useful when you want to share your media with other computers in your home or with your friends.

You can only authorize or deauthorize a particular computer directly through the computer in question. This means it is important to deauthorize any computer you plan to sell, give away, or reformat.

If you need to deauthorize a computer and don’t have access to it anymore, the only option is to deauthorize ALL computers associated with your iTunes account on your computer. This can be done only once per year, and—for some reason—only when your account has five computers authorized.

Read more on Apple’s website

Watching TV Online

If you don’t have a DVR to record your favorite TV shows then you probably miss them every once in a while. Did you know that the major TV networks allow you to watch recent shows on their websites? Here are a few sites to check out if you’re looking for a show you’ve missed. Keep in mind that they only keep a few episodes online at a time, and episodes usually don’t show up online until a few days after they have aired.

A fair amount of current and older shows are also available on Hulu.