Track your baby

When you have a baby, it can be helpful to keep track of their feedings, sleep habits, and diapers. BabyConnect is an extremely useful website and mobile app that allows you to track all of these things and more (pumping, medicines, doctor visits, weight, etc). It also has useful charts and graphs, and can be accessed by other members of the family and caregivers. You can enter data via the website, your phone, or iPad/iPod.

Check out BabyConnect

Mobile barcode scanners

Need to do a price check while you’re out shopping? If you have a Google phone or iPhone it’s easy. Just download a barcode scanner app, scan a barcode, and see comparative prices from local stores.

You can also scan items using the Amazon app, which shows you the Amazon price, and lets you save the items to a wishlist or registry. A great way to create a registry while on the go.

Barcode Scanner App: Android | iPhone

Amazon: Android | iPhone

Saving Google Maps for offline use

Pre-loading Google MapDoesn’t it always seem like you lose cell phone service when you need directions the most? If you plan ahead, you can download the maps you need on your phone just in case you lose service.

  • Open up Google maps on your iPhone/Android phone (make sure it’s upgraded to the latest version).
  • Zoom in on the map area you’d like to save for offline viewing.
  • Type ‘ok maps’ into the search bar and hit the search button. Instead of searching the map for those words, Google Maps will download all the map data currently on your screen.
  • When you open the same area on your map with no internet connection later, you should still be able to view it!

Customize your Android phone

The great thing about Android phones is that you can customize so much of how they work: the keyboard, home screen widgets, and even the text messaging interface. Here are some of my favorite apps for customizing Android: