Restore deleted files and previous file versions on Dropbox

Dropbox previous versionsDid you know that Dropbox saves versions of your files from the past 30 days, including files you’ve deleted?

Restore earlier versions of files: Find the file in your local Dropbox folder, right-click and choose “View previous versions”. Or if you’re viewing your Dropbox folder on the web, highlight the file (click on the space next to the name), and click on More > Previous Versions in the top blue bar. To restore the file, select the radio button next to the version you want, and then click the blue Restore button.

Restore deleted files: Go to your Dropbox folder in your browser and navigate to the folder your file was in. Click on the Trash Can icon at the top of the screen to display deleted items. Click on your deleted file, choose the version you want, and click the blue Restore button.

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