Capturing your screen

Sometimes it’s helpful to share what you’re looking at on your computer with someone who is not in the room. For example, maybe a friend is helping you troubleshoot a problem and needs to see the error message on your screen. All you need to do is take a picture of your screen and email it to him. There are several ways to do this on both Mac and PC.

Mac keyboard commands:

CMD – SHIFT – 3 – Command is the key next to your spacebar with a picture of an apple or curly square on it. Hold down CMD and SHIFT and then hit 3. This will take a shot of your entire screen and save the image to your desktop. You can then attach that image to an email message to share.

CMD – SHIFT – 4 – This works the same way as before but your cursor/pointer will turn into a cross-hair. Click, hold, and drag to form the area you want a screenshot of. Release the mouse and the image will be saved to your desktop.

Mac Software:

InstantShot! is a simple program that installs an icon in your menu bar. You can do the same things as above, but you don’t have to remember any key commands.

PC keyboard commands:

To capture your whole screen, press the Print Scrn key (This is normally located at the top right of your keyboard). Nothing obvious will happen but the image will be saved to your clipboard. Open a new document in Word, Photoshop or an email message and paste the image in by holding down CTRL and V at the same time.

To capture a specific window, locate and maximize the window you want to capture. Hold down ALT and Print Scrn at the same time. Follow the steps above to paste your image in your program of choice.

PC Software:

Snippy is free and very simple. It installs a tiny scissors icon in your taskbar (lower right corner of the screen). When you click on it just draw around the area you want to capture and it will save the image to your clipboard. If you want a rectangular area, just hold down the Shift key. Follow the steps above to paste your image in your program of choice.

WinSnap costs $24 but is a bit more robust than Snippy. If you find yourself taking a lot of screenshots, it might provide a wider range of options for you.